Psalmistry Music: Free Sheet Music, Lyrics, MP3, Midi Files: Terms of Use

At this time, all music resources are free for non-commercial use by individuals, churches and similar organizations. I request that folks consider contributing to those in need in lieu of fees. It need not be money. It may be love, comfort, support, shelter. Any act of kindness will do. Be watchful. Be creative.

Special Request: All music has been submitted to CCLI. I have added a CCLI link to each song page and ask organizations with CCLI licenses to report their use. To obtain the CCLI song number for reporting purposes, search the Psalm number (or song name) under CCLI's drop down menu, and then type "psalmistry" in the "Search Within" box to the left of the results.

Providing Link on Web Site.

If you are willing copy/paste the following html tag into the html code in your web site. Google likes external links.

<a href=">Psalmisty Music: original Christian sheet music, lyrics, guitar chords, midi, mp3 files for all 150 Psalms</a>

Use of Music in Non-Commercial Web Sites

At this time the music may be used as background or "clickable" music on non-commercial Web Sites on the following conditions:

1. The Web site must be non-commercial, and use of the music consistent with the music's purpose (worship and devotions). 

2. The following statement and link must appear on the web site as to the music: 

"Music copyrighted and provided, permission of Psalmistry Music." 

Copyright Stephen J. Pearson

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