Psalmistry Music



1. O my God, withhold Your anger,
for Your arrows have pierced me!
In Your wrath, my body fails,
my guilt is agony.


O my God, do not forsake me,
be not far from me.
Come quickly, O my God, and help me.
Lord, my Savior be!

2. My wounds fester and are loathsome.
I am bowed and brought down low.
I am filled with pain and mourning:
anguish is my soul!

3. All my longings are before You,
all my sighings in Your sight.
My heart pounds, my strength it fails,
my eyes have lost their light!

4. I am now both deaf and mute:
to enemies I shan't reply.
For I know that You will answer:
on You I rely!

5.As my pain is ere before me,
I confess my sins to You.
Many are those who may hate
and mock the good I do!




Copyright Stephen J. Pearson