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Song of the Month (Christmas!)


1,3. My soul, my soul, it glorifies Thee.
Humble, yet are You mindful of me.

So, sing out my soul!
Sing out in joy to the Lord!
So, sing out my soul!
Sing out in joy to the Lord!

2. So blessed. Blessed by the things that You do.
Mighty. Yet so much mercy in You!

(Alternate Optional Refrain after verse 2)

You lift up the poor.
To those in need, You are near.
Our hunger is filled.
Your Word is true through the years!


Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Prince of Peace. Immanuel!
Mighty God. Lifting up those in need. Great is Your love. Love for us!
Sing. Sing out my soul! God is good to me. Glorify God.
Blessed in so many ways. God is merciful! Glorify God.


The Psalms project began in 1995, with a goal of providing a unified teaching/worship resource based on the Psalms as reset in a contemporary Christian music format. As a practical matter, the work on the Psalms also prompted some additional music included in this site.

I have attempted to summarize the original wording and concept of a Psalm, rather than using a phrase or thought as a take-off  for further exposition. Consistent with the purpose of teaching and worship, my goal has also been to create melodies which stick in the mind like oatmeal and thereby assist recollection of the associated Word.

The Psalms vary in focus, mood and purpose. The music reflects that breadth of expression. Some Psalms are congregational; some are for individual/small group use. Some are joyful; some are contemplative or sad. Some may be best suited for private devotions at home. A variety of musical flavors, including Judaic, formal, upbeat, ballad, reflect the diversity of the Psalms.

Recommendations as to the Psalms: Hard to say which are favorites, and that may differ with the individual. However, one might start with the following examples: Psalms 823, 31, 42, 46, 52, 54, 576163677176868790, 91, 9495115131138, 139 and the Psalm 119 series.




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