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Original Sheet Music, Lyrics, and Audio Files for the 150 Psalms

Since 2000, Psalmistry Music has provided original music for the 150 Psalms and related devotional music, including sheet music, guitar chords, lyrics, and mp3 audio files. The music reflects a variety of Christian music styles dependent upon the tenor of the Psalm. The melodies are simple to facilitate recollection of the associated Word.

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•  Check the most recent 2021 additions: Psalm 11 (V.2), Psalm 12 (V.3), Psalm 26 (V.2), Psalm 88 (V.2), Psalm 88 (V.3), I Wait for You, Breathe in Your Peace, I Have Joy, In These Times, Marriage Song, Who Am I?, You Are Always in My Heart, You Are An Angel.

• At this time, the music is free for non-commercial use. I do request that CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) license holders report their use and include the CCLI number immediately following the title to facilitate reporting. See Terms of Use.

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Stephen Pearson
Composer, Songwriter
Psalmistry Music

Featured Psalm



1. Glory to God who reigns on high!
We are sheltered by Your care.
Father to all:
in need, our God is always there.

God, our provider and our hope,
the defender of the poor.
The bounty of God
is here, and is forevermore!


Praise be to God:
God, our power and strength and trust!
Praise be to God
for the love You have given us.

2. Glory to God who reigns on high!
God, our power, our strength, our King.
We sleep in peace,
secure beneath Your shelt'ring wing.

Glory to God who reigns on high.
We proclaim Your majesty.
Mighty our God,
who reigns throughout eternity.



© 1995-2005 Stephen J. Pearson