Music of the Psalms

Free Sheet Music, Lyrics, MP3, Midi, NWC Files for the 150 Psalms

Since 2000, Psalmistry Music has provided original free sheet music (w/ guitar chords) for all the Psalms and related devotional music, including lyrics, MP3, Midi and NWC files. The music uses contemporary Christian music styles. The melodies are simple and should facilitate recollection of the associated Word.

• To find a Psalm, type a Psalm number, word or phrase in the Search box, or use the drop-down "Menu ▼" for clickable music directories. I have added a "Category" option in the Menu to facilitate selection by music teams.

Search. Listen. Print. The site provides unified, simple and instant resources for all users, including clergy, music teams, and congregations. For those who enjoy social media, I am also uploading selected Psalms for interactive viewing/hearing to my YouTube Playlist and Pinterest sites. Realize that playback quality will depend upon the device. My primary purpose is to provide music resources (sheet music, lyrics and basic audio for a sense of the melody and mood). Also, at this time, the YT Music app from YouTube is having some breakout problems. Much better to use the desktop (via the link above), the older YouTube app, or my Pinterest boards.

• Click the about link for additional information on the music, background and purpose. Additional information on file types and use is included in the help file.

• At this time, the music is free for non-commercial use. I do request that CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing International) license holders report their use. See Terms of Use.

Enjoy the Music of the Psalms! Send a link to a friend if the music is useful.

Stephen Pearson
Composer, Songwriter
Psalmistry Music

Featured Song


I will sing of Your faithfulness and love.
I will sing of Your love throughout the age.

1. Forever
does Your steadfast love endure.
In the Heavens,
is Your faithfulness secure.

2. The Heavens
praise the wonders that You do.
In the Heavens,
there is none compared to You!

3. Right and justice:
the foundations of Thy throne.
Truth and mercy:
the attendants of Thy grace!

4. Blessed are those, Lord,
who walk within Your light!
You're their glory.
You're their shield, their strength, their might!

5. When we stray, Lord,
Thy punishment is just,
but dear Lord God,
do not take Your love from us.
From us!


© 1995-2005 Stephen J. Pearson